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Nancy y Julio, an Appleton Wedding

One of the joys of my job is to interact with so many different wonderful people and cultures. I only wish my wife could’ve been my 2nd shooter that day. We both spent time in El Paso, TX, bordering Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and we love the Spanish language, culture and most of all the folks like Nancy and Julio and their family and friends.

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Jaimi and Allen, A Green Bay Wedding

Jaimi and Allen traveled all the way from Fort Worth, TX to commit their lives to each other.

And what better place to be than the wonderful city of Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Allen’s grandfather was a great man, and they wanted to honor him by having their marriage up North.

Below is the wedding album I created to commemorate their love for each other and fun day they had.

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Bailey and Dustin, A Green Bay wedding

Even though the date said March 7 in Green Bay, it turned out to be a pretty nice day for an awesome couple.

Bailey and Dustin celebrated their love for each other – and their love for their beautiful boy Sebastian – at St Willebrord Parish, the hallowed church of none other than Vince Lombardi during his tenure with the great Green Bay Packers of the sixties.

Did they choose St Willebrord Parish because of that??? That is a good question and one I will ask them!

Here is the wedding album I created to celebrate their love.

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Noelia and Michael, an Intimate Milwaukee Winter Celebration

Noelia and Michael had gotten married already, but they had always dreamed of a church wedding during the wintertime.

Their wish came true as the snow fell on their day of celebration.

It was a beautiful site and they couldn’t have had a more lovely and intimate time.

A Winter Milwaukee Wedding A Winter Milwaukee Wedding A Winter Milwaukee Wedding A Winter Milwaukee Wedding

Jen and Jefferson, a Green Bay Wisconsin wedding

I love to see two people in love! And Jen and Jefferson, you could absolutely read it on their faces and throughout the day. What a fun time all day!

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A Maternity Shoot in Stevens Point

First comes love

Then comes marriage

Then comes baby………………………………………………………………………in a baby carriage!

Amanda and Richard got married last year this coming Sunday and I had the honor of taking their wedding pictures.

We kept in touch over the year and when they asked if I could take some maternity pictures, what else would I say but, “Absolutely!”

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Kerry and Jon, a Homestead Meadows Farm wedding

Complete with a tractor ride and everything, this wedding was a beautiful celebration of Jon and Kerry.

It was one of the hottest days during this Wisconsin summer but we all had a great time together.

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Sarah and Esteban, A Beautiful Appleton Wedding

Sarah and Esteban met, fell in love and now they are man and wife!

And it was so beautiful to see their fourteen month-old son celebrate right along with them.

The day was one of the hotter days of this very mild summer, but still not bad at all.

We spent some time down at Lutz Park along the Fox River and the sun was in and out from behind clouds.

And the party began at the Grand Meridian Event and Banquet Hall.

I so enjoyed myself with Sarah and Esteban…congratulations going out to you, Sarah and Esteban, for a lifetime of memories!

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Tim and Kelli, A Bridal Church wedding in Green Bay

Tim and Kelli met while working for the local tv station, they fell in love and their wedding day

was a celebration of their love and with their family and friends.

They got married at the Bridal Church of Green Bay and then hired a horse-drawn carriage

to take them from the church to the reception at The Woods Golf Club.

I followed them and got some fun shots while they were on their way.

It was a wonderful day with Tim and Kelli!

Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding Tim and Kelli, A Green Bay Wedding



Rachel and Matt, A Green Bay Wedding at the Green Bay Botanical Garden and the Rock Garden

So much fun with Rachel and Matt and their cutie of a daughter!

Just finished their wedding album design.

So gratifying to pull back and review what happened.


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