Ted and Susan
Hi friend! We’re Ted and Susan.
Our love story began not in the halls of our respective high schools or even in the ensuing 15 years.
Susan was a Wisconsin girl and I was a Michigan boy.
And we traveled numerous paths throughout this wide world of ours without each other.
There were a few close calls early on though. As big as this world is, we were both living in El Paso, TX at the same time in 1993.
We were within 15 miles of each other at all times that year, yet we never met. She was a teacher and a nanny and I was serving my country as a medic at William Beaumont Army Medical Center.
We even marched through the streets of El Paso in the same group in the Spring of 1993.
Yet we never met.
Nine years later, in 2002, we both had moved to Virginia Beach, VA...yes, the East Coast! We both began attending a local church singles group of about 20 singles and yes, the rest is sweet sweet history.
We got married in 2004 and have been partners in this lifelong journey together. I can truly say we are more in love now and it just gets sweeter.
And there you have it. Our story. Now let us document a very fun portion of your story: your wedding!
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